The Night Shift

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Upcoming Airings of The Night Shift

Tuesday, 16 Jan
Shock To The Heart
Season 2
Episode 4
Wednesday, 17 Jan
Season 2
Episode 5
Thursday, 18 Jan
Fog Of War
Season 2
Episode 6
Friday, 19 Jan
Need To Know
Season 2
Episode 7
Monday, 22 Jan
Best Laid Plans
Season 2
Episode 8

Episode Guide:

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    Season 1, Episode 1

    San Antonio Memorial’s iconoclastic doctors and nurses use their instincts and combat experience to defy the odds and run the chaotic emergency room.

  • nightshift_brendan_episodic_1600x900

    Second Chances

    Season 1, Episode 2

    A dying sheriff’s deputy leaves TC (Eoin Macken) facing giving him a heart transplant for the second time.

  • nightshift_eoin_surgery_1600x900

    Hog Wild

    Season 1, Episode 3

    As Drew (Brendan Fehr) struggles to hide an injury, a series of accidents leaves TC re-attaching a hunter’s severed hand.

  • nightshift_eoin_surgery_two_1600x900

    Grace Under Fire

    Season 1, Episode 4

    Jordan (Jill Flint) faces suspension for ignoring a religious patient’s “do not treat” directive.

  • nightshift_ken_leung_1600x900

    Storm Watch

    Season 1, Episode 5

    A series of storms leaves Topher’s (Ken Leung) pregnant wife and their daughter stranded on a highway just as she’s going into labour.

  • nightshift_brendan_episodic_1600x900_0

    Coming Home

    Season 1, Episode 6

    The aftermath of a serious military bus accident threatens to expose the truth about Drew

  • nightshift_jeaneane_goosen_1600x900_0

    Blood Brothers

    Season 1, Episode 7

    As TC & Topher run into trouble while working to save an injured drug courier, Krista (Jeananne Goossen) uncovers a teenage girl’s bulimia.