Hanging Up

Hanging Up

About Hanging Up

Three sisters do what they do best, deal with life, love and lunacy on the telephone lines that bind when their father is admitted to a Los Angeles Hospital. After years of wild living, intermittent affection and constant phoning, he is finally threatening to die. In Hanging Up, an exploration of family at its best, worst and funniest, director Diane Keaton introduces us to the Mozells: patriarch Lou (Walter Matthau) and daughters Georgia (Diane Keaton), editor-in-chief of her self-titled women’s magazine, Eve (Meg Ryan), the daddy’s-girl-turned-responsible-middle-sister, and Maddy (Lisa Kudrow), a semi-successful soap actress. They telephonically cope with the joy, tears and conflicting emotions that plague all families, and most important, find a way to laugh despite their hang-ups.


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