Pyramid Solitaire

How To Play
Pyramid Solitaire is a variation of traditional solitaire. At the start of the game cards are dealt face up in a pyramid shape. You need to clear the entire pyramid by trying to add cards up to a total of 13. In Pyramid Solitaire you can only play cards that are completely uncovered, or that appear on the 3 discard piles at the bottom of the screen. To clear the cards in this version of solitaire, locate two uncovered cards that total 13 and click each of them on sequence. They will then be removed from the pyramid. You can also click any King alone, as it has a value of 13. You may deal 3 new cards from the deck to the discard piles at any point in the game. You do this by clicking on the face down deck. To win you must clear all of the cards in the pyramid. If you score 36 points or more you may deal the cards again; otherwise you have to start the game over. The cards in the deck can only be dealt once to the discard piles in this version of solitaire.. If they have all been dealt and you cannot clear any more cards, you have reached the end of the game. Card values: Aces = 1 Jacks = 11 Queens = 12 Kings = 13 All other cards = Face Value

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